About the Journal

To our friends in the Chinese martial arts community—we are bringing back the Journal of Chinese Martial Arts to offer the best of the classic and the contemporary to a new generation!

The Wu Gong Journal, later the Journal of Chinese Martial Arts, stopped publication in January of 2002. We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Chinese Martial Arts is resuming publication in January with the inaugural Winter 2012 issue.

The Journal of Chinese Martial Arts includes:

  • Editor’s page and letters
  • Interviews with noted masters and other personalities
  • Styles: Featuring history, principles and techniques
  • Coach’s Corner: Training tips to improve your performance
  • Book and media reviews
  • Competitor profiles
  • Glossary of Pinyin terms
  • High-quality graphics
  • Special collectors’ print edition
  • Online edition with flip-page technology
  • Interactive social media sites
  • And much more

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