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The Editor and staff of the Journal of Chinese Martial Arts are pleased to announce that in response to reader comments, we are changing to an all-digital format for PCs, tablets, and iPads. We can provide a greater variety of material to encompass the full spectrum of Chinese martial arts without the space and time constraints of a quarterly publication.

Current subscribers to the digital edition may renew their subscriptions for $20 if activated within 30 days of the expiration of their current subscription term. The annual fee for new subscribers is $35.

Subscribers may access all past interviews, articles, and features (such as Book and Media Reviews, Coach’s Corner, Pinyin Glossary, and more), as well as supplementary material such as bibliographies, documentation, and photos not previously published.

New content will be posted as it becomes available and readers will be alerted by email. Interviews with major figures in the CMA community are in preparation. All articles and features are being reviewed and edited to maintain the highest standards of scholarship and readability. Please review the Submission Guidelines if you wish to contribute material to JCMA. Also in the works is a searchable data base to make it easier for readers to find articles of interest.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to continuing to publish the best of the classic and the contemporary for the CMA community. We welcome your comments and suggestions.